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Therapy with Teenagers

One in three young people experience difficulties with their mental health. They can experience a range of challenges in their lives, perhaps feeling anxious, down, having low self-confidence or struggles with feelings of anger.

Brighton Psychology Clinic provides evidenced-based therapy for teenagers and their families.

Therapy can help young people work through issues that are troubling them. It can also help them learn better ways of coping and often helps feel more in control and better able to manage. 

When working with young people Nicky and John primarily draw on the following therapeutic approaches : Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and EMDR. 

We can help with a variety of difficulties including:


Eating Disorders

Low mood

Low self-esteem

Difficulties in school

Difficulties with bullying or relationships

Obsessive and/or Compulsive behaviour



Family/household relationship difficulties

Identity difficulties

Attachment difficulties


What to expect

After initial contact has been made by telephone or email we will arrange for an assessment session. This session will focus on gathering as much information as possible. In almost all cases it is important to gather information from both the young person and a family member. This first session is sometimes done together or can also be done separately. The assessment aims to get a clear picture of the problem and ask you about your ideas about what might help. 

If appropriate, following the assessment a series of treatment sessions is normally agreed. The number of sessions required to help children varies depending on the problem. On average, a young person will be seen for approximately 8 – 12 sessions. However, some children will require fewer whilst others will need to be seen for much longer.

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